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Intentional Living: A New Year’s Declaration

“In order to cherish the now, we must make peace with the past.” Ketchup, Mustard! The constant demand that life provides causes us to be continually moving at a fast pace. There is always a need, a want, or something to get done…so much that we never really get the chance to stop and take a break to process the current happenings all around us. Everything in our society is based on speed. The faster you can do or accomplish something provides the facade of the great successes that we are… Read More

Accessibility, Mentorship and Design

I recently updated my résumé to reflect my most recent career experience with MSU IT Services Teaching & Learning Technology department. (view my resume and career portfolio) It was a wonderful experience that I took a lot from, including being introduced to the concept of web accessibility. It was such a memorable experience that I’d love to tell you the story! Here goes… One day in June, amidst an avid search for a new job, I received a phone call from a woman named Michelle Carlson about a position I’d previously… Read More


Writing, planning and journaling have always had a special place in my heart. Between keeping a diary, getting into art school for my doodles done out of boredom, constantly rewriting my ABC’s to practice my handwriting, and writing poetry… I’ve always had a pen between my fingers and paper beneath my hand. Not to mention, I am a HUGE stationary junkie! Pens, markers, journals, paper, notebooks, pencils, highlighters, you name it, I’M OBSESSED! I love the feeling of writing, so much so that I would never turn down the opportunity to write… Read More

Steak Time On A Dime

Whether you’re a college student craving change, or a busy employee looking for a quick and easy option for lunch, this quick and easy BBQ Steak and Rice Tortilla Bowl is a great solution that only takes about 10-15 minutes to make.

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So What’s The Story Behind This Blog?

I named my blog Eat. Nerd. Create., because those are the three topics that I want to be able to write about. I love to eat, make and share good food with good people, nerd out on technology, art, media, and everything Apple and share with you the things I’ve learned, designed or DIY-ed, and tips on how you can create more of the things you love in life. That’s how I created my tagline: eat good, nerd out, create life.

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