Whether you’re a college student craving change, or a busy employee looking for a quick and easy option for lunch, this quick and easy BBQ Steak and Rice Tortilla Bowl is a great solution that only takes about 10-15 minutes to make.

The Story Behind This Recipe…

When I first made this, I was renting a room in a house from this guy and his girlfriend who had been renting out the two other bedrooms, one to me and one to another guy. We all pretty much kept to ourselves and didn’t mix at all. We barely even communicated verbally at all. I had a pretty large sized room with an additional walk-in closet right next to my room that was specifically designated for me. Other than that, we pretty much shared the bathroom, kitchen and living room. The problem was that every single room that we shared was consistently kept a mess. I was disgusted with the idea of even having to use any of the rooms we shared, but unfortunately, I couldn’t always go to my sister’s house to shower, so I had to bit the bullet and do a deep cleaning at least 2 or 3 times in the time I stayed there.

Anyway, I had a pretty decently sized mini-fridge and a microwave in my room (technically in my next-door closet) and I would always try to find creative ways of making meals to eat that weren’t takeout or fast food, and that were somewhat homemade since I wouldn’t dare think about cooking a full meal in that kitchen….IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!!!

Normally, when I go grocery shopping, I typically grab a bag of Tyson Grilled & Ready Diced or Shredded Chicken Breast to use for cooking a variety of my go-to recipes. Although I don’t usually grab the steak meat (I try not to eat too much red meat sometomes), there are some recipes and instances that call for me to change it up from time to time. In this case, I just wanted something other than the chicken that I had been eating pretty much all month, but it had to be cheap becuase I was pretty tight on cash.

After looking around to see what stuff I’d already had at home to cook, I found a pack of Old El Paso Stand n’ Stuff Flour Tortillas that I’d gotten from the college food bank. Because the tortillas alone wouldn’t suffice for a meal, I made a quick trip to the Kroger that was 3 or 4 blocks over to grab a few things to throw together (literally). While I was there, I managed to get ## items to put together a meal for under $15, and some items were even on sale!

I got 1 pack of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice on sale 10 for $10, making it $1 plus tax. The Tyson Grilled & Ready steak was on sale 2 for $5 (I got a pack of the diced chicken too). The only things that I’d splurged on were the Birds Eye Steamfresh Sweet Corn Vegetable Singles because it came 4 in a pack and I could use it for multiple meals, and the Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce because I just won’t buy any other BBQ sauce for my regular consumption. All together, the ingredients for this recipe cost me ###.

That’s pretty much the story behind this recipe. As with any recipe that you will see me post, please feel free to adapt it to your tastes, as we all have very different flavor preferences. I hope you enjoy!

The Recipe…

BBQ Steak & Rice Tortilla Bowl

Microwave BBQ steak, rice, and corn tortilla bowl. Great for students and quick lunch preparation.

  • 1 bag (6oz) Tyson Grilled & Ready, Fully Cooked Seasoned Steak Strips (can sub for chicken strips)
  • 1 bag Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (90 sec microwave pouch)
  • 1 bag Birds Eye Streamfresh Single Sweet Corn – 4 pack, 13 oz bag (can sub for variety)
  • 1 pack Old El Paso Stand 'N Stuff Tortillas, Soft Flour
  • 2 tbsp Sweet Baby Ray's Original BBQ Sauce
  • 1 tbsp Garlic & Herb Mrs. Dash seasoning blend
  • 1 tspn Honey
  • 1/2 tspn Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 tspn White Wine Vinegar
  • 1 tbsp Margarine or Butter
  • 1 Microwave-Safe Plate
  1. Open the steak strips and arrange them on the plate in a single layer. Add the seasoning, lemon juice, honey, and vinegar to the plate and mix with steak. Add the BBQ sauce and margarine atop the steak and microwave according to package instructions.

  2. Once the steak is done, remove from the microwave and make a circle space in the middle of the plate. Set aside.

  3. Microwave the Ready Rice according to the package directions. Once done, fill the circle in the middle of the plate of steak with the cooked rice.

  4. Microwave the sweet corn according to the package directions. Once done, place atop the rice on your steak plate. 

  5. Place 2 tortilla bowls in the microwave for 15 seconds to lightly heat.

  6. Stuff the tortilla bowl with the steak, rice, and corn. Enjoy!


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