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Accessibility, Mentorship and Design

I recently updated my résumé to reflect my most recent career experience with MSU IT Services Teaching & Learning Technology department. (view my resume and career portfolio) It was a wonderful experience that I took a lot from, including being introduced to the concept of web accessibility. It was such a memorable experience that I’d love to tell you the story! Here goes… One day in June, amidst an avid search for a new job, I received a phone call from a woman named Michelle Carlson about a position I’d previously… Read More


Writing, planning and journaling have always had a special place in my heart. Between keeping a diary, getting into art school for my doodles done out of boredom, constantly rewriting my ABC’s to practice my handwriting, and writing poetry… I’ve always had a pen between my fingers and paper beneath my hand. Not to mention, I am a HUGE stationary junkie! Pens, markers, journals, paper, notebooks, pencils, highlighters, you name it, I’M OBSESSED! I love the feeling of writing, so much so that I would never turn down the opportunity to write… Read More