Work With Me

Are your graphics lacking in quality?

Is your brand having an identity crisis?

Do you need a website that is functional and visually appealing?

Don’t stress, I’m here to help!

Truth is, every business and entrepreneur operating has experienced an identity crisis at some point. It’s perfectly natural to obsess about the details of your brand when wanting to make sure that you are fulfilling your promises to your audience and providing them with what they need.

My name is Desiree’ Slaughter, and I am a multitalented designer and brand consultant located in Houston, TX. I’ve been creating all of my life, but I have been perfecting it since 2007. I have worked with a variety of people in which combined ideas helped produce wonderful creations.

Whether you’re a startup, local business, or an entrepreneur, I can help you achieve your branding, graphic design, web design and content marketing goals!

With products and services ranging from graphic and print design to web design, brand development, and content marketing, I can meet all of your brand needs.

Together, we can take a concept and make it come alive in print or pixels in the style best suited to your needs. Creating simple, easily understandable designs that clearly communicate concepts or brands is my passion.

A consistant visual image + dynamic online content + carefully crafted products = brand success!

As someone that has worked in customer service, just as long as I’ve been a creative professional, I strive for the very best in customer service and achieving all the goals of my clients. Providing exceptional, high-quality services to my clients is my #1 priority. It’s what’s kept most of my existing clients around, and what retains new clients on a regular basis.


Why a freelancer?

Hiring a professional freelance designer to create and manage your visual image and online content can enhance the image of your brand or business… all while saving you money over an in-house designer. As an independent contractor, you’ll only hire me for the work you need, when you need it.

I have just over 10 years of experience in design and development, with a proven ability to successfully design and execute dynamic, unique visual creations and content that consistently represents your brand across channels, from conception to completion. By hiring me, you know you’re getting affordable, expert-quality design services when you need them.



Ready to get started?

If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you have some sort of burning desire to get started on that project you’ve been holding back on. DON’T BE AFRAID! Below, I’ve outlined a few different ways that you can get a jumpstart on your project with me. Choose the path that best fits your needs and let bring your ideas to life!