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Who Am I?


Foodie. Techie. Creator. Dog Mom.

My name is Desiree’ Slaughter, but I prefer to go by Desi (Des-zee).

A 90’s girl from Detroit, MI who loves food, tech, learning new things, creating, and experiencing life in new ways. Currently, I’m living in East Lansing, MI with my fur-baby, Bandit (secretly wanting to move back to Detroit), and working on creating my dream life.

I believe that you should live life to the fullest and be your most authentic self, and in the 21st century, you can make a living from simply that. This is why my ultimate goal is to use tech and the Internet to make a living from being me!

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What I Do?


Entrepreneur, Professional & Digital Creator

I’m a pixel-pushing, content-creating, Apple-loving, creative. Every day, I wake up with the drive to educate, empower, and entertain those within my reach by sharing my personal experiences in business and life. I do a lot of things, but I mostly focus on these:

Branding, Websites, and Digital Content Services

Through my studio, Brand & Press, I help service-based small business owners and solopreneurs get equipped with the strategy, infrastructure,  and tech needed to build a heart-centered brand.

Tech Support for Non-Techies Individuals and Businesses

Feeling clueless about tech? Blending tech into everyday life for non-techies is one of my superpowers! I give you the tips you need to master the tech in your life and business. Stress less about tech when you join my group, Ask A Techie!

Digital Products for Solopreneurs and SMEs

Are you building your personal brand? Looking to create a better work-life balance? Me too! I create products to help fellow peers with what I learn.

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Let’s Connect Online!

In recent years, I haven’t been online much, but as my connections grow, my goals will be interacting more with people and building my personal brand. 

I want to talk to all you creatives, brand owners, entrepreneurs, foodies, college students, and nerds! Along with my personal experiences, I’ll share a mix of helpful and inspirational tips and resources just for you!

If you are interested in food, creativity, the latest tech, freelancing, or want to be social, find me online @desimslaughter.

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