Desi M. Slaughter, is a co-host of MIpreneur, a social learning and networking community based in Michigan. Learn more.

Lansing Marketing Hackers Group is now MIpreneur!

“The Location Never Changes, But the People Do.”

Born in 2024 in Lansing, MI, MIpreneur is a testament to our commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals across Michigan.

MIpreneur is a social learning and networking community where members can explore, connect, and thrive, together. We host bi-monthly events that focus on topics related to the entire experience of building a brand or business in Michigan.


Current Hosts:

Desi M. Slaughter
Founder / Branding & Marketing Specialist
Brand & Press Studio

Paul J. Schmidt
Founder / Creative Video Strategist
UnoDeuce Multimedia

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