AI Programming with Python Nanodegree

Dec 2023 to Present

Through Udacity's AI Programming with Python Nanodegree program, I'm learning the foundations for building my own neural network.

About the Institution

Upskilling talent for the careers of the future

Udacity began when Stanford instructors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig had a revolutionary idea to offer their "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" course online—to anyone, for free.

Over 160,000 students in more than 190 countries enrolled, demanding a new way to deliver education. A startling discovery emerged: The top 400 students weren’t from Stanford. This revelation sparked a mission to make lifelong learning more equitable and inclusive. Udacity has been expanding opportunities ever since.

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Highlighted Skills

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Calculus, Coding, Linear Algebra, Matplotlib, Neural Networks, Numpy, Pandas, Programming, Python Programming

Program Overview

Learn Python, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, PyTorch, and Linear Algebra—the foundations for building your own neural network.

Udacity‘s AI Programming with Python Nanodegree program offers a beginner-friendly exploration into Python AI programming. This course covers Python, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, PyTorch, and Linear Algebra, laying a solid foundation for building neural networks. You’ll engage in practical projects like vector visualization and Python data types, gaining real-world experience. Taught by experts like Mat Leonard and Luis Serrano, this Python AI course combines hands-on learning with industry insights, making it ideal for those starting in AI. At Udacity, we’re dedicated to your success. With our approach, you don’t just learn – you apply. Our practical projects, based on real-world scenarios, ensure that you gain experience and retain knowledge, enabling you to immediately apply your new skills. Embrace this opportunity to kickstart your career in AI with Udacity, where innovation and success are part of our DNA.

Program Prerequisites:

  • Basic Python
  • Elementary Algebra

Educational Objectives

In this program, you’ll learn all the foundational skills necessary to start using AI techniques in your current role, prepare for a full-time career in an AI-powered industry, or get started in the amazing world of artificial intelligence.

Length of Program:

The program is comprised of 1 term, lasting 3-4 months. We expect students to work 10 hours/week on average. The estimated time commitment is 120 hours for the term.

Courses In This Program:

  1. Introduction to AI Programming (Duration: 2 hours): Welcome to the AI programming with Python Nanodegree Program! Come and explore the beautiful world of AI.
  2. Introduction to Python for AI Programmers (Duration: 4 weeks): Start coding with Python, drawing upon libraries and automation scripts to solve complex problems quickly.
  3. Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib (Duration: 8 hours): Let’s focus on library packages for Python, such as: Numpy (which adds support for large data), Pandas (which is used for data manipulation and analysis), and Matplotlib (which is used for data visualization).
  4. Linear Algebra Essentials (Duration: 9 hours): Learn the basics of the beautiful world of Linear Algebra and why it is such an important mathematical tool in the world of AI.
  5. Calculus Essentials (Duration: 3 hours): Covers foundational topics in CalculusLearn the foundations of calculus to understand how to train a neural network: plotting, derivatives, the chain rule, and more. See how these mathematical skills visually come to life with a neural network example.
  6. Neural Networks – AI Programming with Python (Duration: 13 hours): This course on neural networks explains how algorithms inspired by the human brain operate and puts to use those concepts when designing neural networks to solve particular problems.
  7. Create Your Own Image Classifier (Duration: 1 month): In the second and final project for this course, you’ll build a state-of-the-art image classification application.
  8. Course Closing: Next Steps! (Duration: 5 minutes): Congratulations!!!!! You finished your first nanodegree in the School of AI! What are the next steps?
  9. Optional: Career Services (Duration: 2 days): These Career Services will ensure you make meaningful connections with industry professionals to accelerate your career growth – whether looking for a job or opportunities to collaborate with your peers. Unlike your Nanodegree projects, you do not need to meet specifications on these Services to progress in your program. Submit these Career Services once, and get honest, personalized feedback and next steps from Udacity Career Coaches!
  10. Optional: Git & GitHub (Duration: 7 hours): Programmers use version control software to manage changes to software projects large and small. In these lessons you will learn to keep track of changes to your code using the Git version control software, and collaborate with other programmers using GitHub.
  11. Optional: Intro to Machine Learning (Duration: 12 minutes)
  12. Optional: Learning Rate (Duration: 15 minutes): Still curious about the learning rate, how sensitive it is and what role it plays in the accuracy of the training process?

Skill Summary: 

  • Introduction to Python for AI Programmers:
    • Python data types
    • Control flow
    • Python operators
    • Python exception handling
    • Lambda expressions
    • Code debugging
    • Python function definition
    • List comprehension
    • Generators
    • Variable scope
    • Iterators
    • Built-in Python functions
    • Pip
    • File i/o
    • User input handling
    • Python data structures
    • Loops
    • Docstrings
    • Python scripting
  • Linear Algebra Essentials:
    • NumPy
    • matplotlib
    • Vector visualization
    • Systems of linear equations
    • Linear algebra
    • Matrix multiplication
  • Calculus Essentials:
    • Limits of functions
    • Gradient descent
    • Backpropagation
    • Integrals
    • Derivatives
    • Implicit differentiation
    • Chain rule application
  • Create Your Own Image Classifier:
    • Training neural networks
    • Backpropagation
    • PyTorch
    • AI algorithms in Python
    • Gradient descent

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