Brand Specialist and WordPress Web Designer

2008 to Present

As a Brand Specialist and WordPress Web Designer, I blend design, strategy, and tech to help solopreneurs build heart-centered brands.

About the Company

Our team is passionate about collaborating with solopreneurs, professionals, and small businesses who are determined to build heart-centered personal or business brands that people will love. As an independently-owned company with over 10 years of experience, we are experts in providing creative solutions for both online and offline platforms. Our team specializes in helping clients in the creative, retail, food, and wellness industries establish, change, or enhance their current branding and marketing efforts.

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About My Role:

As a Brand Specialist and WordPress Web Designer, my goal is to help solopreneurs (like me) build successful personal or business brands by blending design, strategy, and tech into a kick-ass structure that they can manage themselves. Working with clients in the infancy of their dream is where I thrive, but I also love the opportunity to refresh or expand upon current branding efforts. I don’t just create logos and build websites. I partner with my clients to really develop their brands from strategy to visuals and create tech stacks and processes that are custom to your needs and grow with you.

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Desiree' M. Slaughter

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