ANR 101A Course Portfolio

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While a student at MSU, I took ANR 101A. As a requirement, I created an online portfolio to showcase my work, developed using Google Sites.

Project Details

Date: May 2010

Role: Developer

Tools Used: Google Sites

Project Brief: While I was a student at MSU, I took a course called ANR 101A. As a part of the course requirements, I had to create an online portfolio to display the work that I’d done and the progress that I’d made throughout the semester.

Course Description: ANR 101A is a course that has been designed to assist students who are making academic and career decisions by exploring the links between their academic interests and life aspirations. The process encompasses self-assessment, research (gathering of information on occupational options), and decision-making strategies. Students will be engaged in various, structured activities that will lend insight into the decision, which offers the best prospects for reaching the student’s personal, educational, and career goals. Course instruction and exercises will be customized to meet each student’s unique academic and career needs.

Disclaimer: I created this site back in 2010 with a much older version of Google Sites. I’ve since converted the site over to the new Google Sites interface, which also required an update to the design. For this update, I made minimal changes to keep it authentic.

Desiree' M. Slaughter

Desiree' M. Slaughter

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