Privacy, Surveillance, and Censorship

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After reading some articles and watching a video on web privacy, I created a list of 5 relevant questions with short introductory responses.

Today, there is a lot of speculation going around about privacy and the web. After reading a couple of articles and watching a video on the subject, I have formulated a list of 5 questions (accompanied by 5 short introductory responses) that I think are relevant.

What are the boundaries of privacy online? Is surveillance the main intent?

When you think of the Internet, does privacy come to mind? The intent of frequent users is to communicate with others when they are posting online…they want someone to see what they took their time to post. So, in a sense, when you think of the Internet, is ‘privacy’ a likable term? If your intent is for someone to see what you have posted without any specific restrictions, then when does privacy become an issue? When you let others into your online life, do you ever consider that people a just as shady (maybe even more) online than off?

Why shouldn’t employers be able to search potential employees online?

Employers use online social profiles as a part of the potential employee screening. When you are posting things online (no matter what they are) they are accessible at the hands of EVERYONE, unless otherwise specified. When people started to discover that employers were using their online profiles against them, the first question that came to mind was WHY? Well, I am curious as to WHY NOT? If you know that you may search for your friends and other people that you meet online and use that to judge them, then why can’t employers

Why have a social networking profile?

What is social networking for? Is it to show the world just who you are, keep tabs on your life, keep in contact with family members, etc?

Is Facebook or its users the real problem?

Don’t put anything that you wouldn’t tell a judge or your grandmother. Anything put on the web is fair game in many complex situations…it could even affect a person’s freedom, let alone their reputation.

Should internet posts be private?

If you are posting things online, the minute they are published who knows where they will end up. Post cautiously and make sure that you are putting the best version of yourself forward at all times!

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