UPH Scholars: Scholarship Education Program — Senior Thesis Project

While in high school, I was required to complete a 2-year Senior Thesis Project, UPH Scholars. Read more about this project.

Project Details

Date: May 2008

Role: Designer, Developer, Project Manager, Facilitator

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, Notepad, HTML/CSS

Project Brief: During my junior and senior years in high school, I was required to complete a 2-year Senior Thesis Project, UPH Scholars, that included planning, execution, and a 15-page research paper. For this project, I created and executed a scholarship education program for students at my high school (University Preparatory Academy High School) and local Detroit youth via YouthVille Detroit.

Additional Project Details

Summary: For my Senior Thesis Project, I will create a scholarship program for the school. In this project, I hope to relieve some of the stress of finding scholarships with the money needed for college, or any other post-secondary learning institute. This project is designed to be sustainable so that it can be taken over by future students. The products that I will create as part of this project are a website strictly for UPREP students, a binder that will track all of the current and past due scholarships, a brochure explaining the program, an endowment fund and I will schedule an annual meeting for the students, on scholarships and college information.

Thesis Statement: “I think it’s important to have a scholarship education program at UPREP because most African American students in Michigan do not have many scholarship opportunities.”

Research Question: How are scholarships a matter of social justice?

Hypothesis:  I believe I can give students a better knowledge of scholarships, get at least 75% of the graduating senior students to apply for scholarships, and at least 50% to win at least one scholarship.

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