I Was Awarded the Certified Tourism Ambassador Scholarship

May 3, 2024 | Academic, Career

I want to announce that I've been awarded the Kristina Kauffman Scholarship to become a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) in Lansing, MI.
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I’m excited to announce that I’ve been awarded the Kristina Kauffman Scholarship to pursue certification as a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) in Lansing, MI.

Receiving this scholarship is not just a personal achievement for me; it is a testament to my dedication to serving and promoting the vibrant community of Lansing. From the moment I discovered the CTA program, I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Now, I am one step closer to becoming a certified ambassador for this remarkable city.

My time in Lansing has been filled with passion, determination, and a deep-rooted love for this growing community. From my days as an MSU student to my current role as a digital creator and community advocate, Lansing has been more than just a place to me—it’s been a source of inspiration and belonging. Now, as I prepare to embark on this new chapter as a Certified Tourism Ambassador, I am eager to channel that same passion into showcasing the best of what Lansing has to offer.

A Moment of Thanks

I’m thankful to the Team Lansing Foundation, Choose Lansing, and everyone involved in the Kristina Kauffman Scholarship Fund for this opportunity. Your support means the world to me, and I am committed to making the most of this scholarship by becoming a dedicated advocate for Lansing and its thriving tourism industry.

What’s Next

I registered for the upcoming CTA session, scheduled for Wednesday, May 22, 2024, from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. I’m eager to dive into the curriculum, expand my knowledge of Lansing’s history and attractions, and connect with fellow ambassadors who share my enthusiasm for this city.

As I prepare to embark on this new adventure, I invite you all to join me in celebrating this milestone. Stay tuned for updates as I progress through the CTA program and continue to share my journey with you. Together, let’s celebrate the spirit of community and discovery that makes Lansing such a special place to call home.

Want to learn more about why I applied for this scholarship?

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