Weekly R.E.P.O.R.T. #001

Apr 28, 2024 | Personal

Here we are, my first Weekly R.E.P.O.R.T. post! Since it's the last Sunday in April, this post is a recap of my highlights over the month.
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If you don’t already know what the Weekly R.E.P.O.R.T. is, check out my post, “I’m Joining the Viral Weekly R.E.P.O.R.T. Trend”.

The Weekly R.E.P.O.R.T., but make it Monthly

Here we are, my first Weekly R.E.P.O.R.T. post! Since I hopped on this trend later in the month, and this is the last Sunday in April, my first post will be a recap of my highlights from the month.

April has been a month of ups and downs for me in all aspects of life. Mercury Retrograde is currently in full effect, causing an increase in chaos for no apparent reason. The key theme for this retrograde in Aries is to be cautious with our words and choices. I can’t say that I made it through the month without being affected by some hurtful words and insecurities, but I still had very memorable moments that took place this month.

Although my stress levels over April have been higher than I’d like, I found little joys in working on my blog and websites, cooking (even when I didn’t want to), unexpected outings, and even work. That being said, check out my “Monthly R.E.P.O.R.T.” for April 2024.

More Details…


“Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones” by James Clear

“Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones” by James Clear with my close friend, Love-Light Shardae, and her Intrinsic Space Self Enrichment Enthusiast (S.E.E.) Virtual Book Club.

I had previously planned to read Atomic Habits after finding out about it online and even bought the book, but I hadn’t gotten around to it. When Shardae posted about starting a book club for it on Facebook, besides the fact that I’m always down to support my friends, I knew I had to join so I could finally get through the book with some accountability from the group.

As of now, we’re on the third session and wrapping up the book. Since joining this virtual book discussion, we have been using the audiobook on YouTube and the PDF of the workbook to help us along the way. It has been super helpful to break down challenging goals with the group and check in on our progress each month. I’ve been able to get started on some goals that I found challenging to start and work on my daily routine for a better overall quality of life.


My job provided lunch at Kura Revolving Sushi Bar in Novi

At work, we had a special lunch outing to celebrate the graduating interns who would no longer be working with us. We split up in two cars and carpooled to Novi from Lansing to go to Kura Revolving Sushi Bar. Now, one of my favorite discoveries when I lived in Houston was Kura. I remember a revolving sushi bar in the Galleria mall, but (as one could assume) when I tried it, the sushi was food court quality. 

Since I was taken by the concept alone, I went looking for another revolving sushi bar with an authentic (or close to authentic) menu and found Kura. I fell in love with their affordable prices, versatile menu, and cute prizes. Being a newly converted pescatarian, one of the best parts was that I could try so many different things and was never bored. I went there as often as possible for client meetings, friend hangouts, and more! 

When I found out we were going to Kura for lunch that day, and it was paid for, I definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go. I had been planning to go to the Novi location since I moved back to Michigan in 2020 but hadn’t gotten around to it. 

While we were at lunch, there was a lil unofficial competition going on between two of our three tables, and we sure did eat good! Although I didn’t take many pictures of my food, I can say that we had a bit under 80 plates between 11 or 12 people. As usual, I had to make sure I tried something new to me. This time, that was squid nigiri and warabimochi. I’d never order or eat either of them again because I couldn’t get down with the texture. I am so happy that I finally got the chance to visit the Kura Revolving Sushi Bar in Novi, and I had a great experience!


I tried Averie Cook‘s Lemon Garlic Butter Salmon recipe paired with brown rice and broccoli on the side, and it was a hit! When I tried this recipe, I had to get a lil creative with my ingredients since I was between shopping trips, but it still turned out great! I’ll definitely be trying this recipe again, this time with a few different ingredients to see if I can elevate it based on my preferences.


“Affirmations for the Grown Ass Woman” by Toni Jones

Starting each morning with “Affirmations for the Grown Ass Woman” by Toni Jones has become part of my daily routine. There’s something truly empowering about the way her words resonate with me, setting the tone for my day ahead. Her music is not just a typical song, but a mantra that instills confidence and self-assurance in me as I complete my routine.

I stumbled upon Toni Jones’ album on Spotify some time ago, and it was like discovering a hidden gem. Since then, I’ve also listened to her other albums, and each one carries its own unique blend of soulful tunes and empowering affirmations. There’s a raw, relatable authenticity to her music that speaks directly to me, reminding me of my strength and resilience when I feel doubtful.

After my Google assistant runs me through the day ahead, her album comes right on after and plays throughout my house on all 6 of my synchronized Google speakers. With Toni Jones as my soundtrack, I step into each day with a renewed sense of confidence and determination, ready to conquer whatever comes my way.


Updating my personal and blog websites

Updating my personal and blog websites has been my main focus lately and I’ve made a lot of progress this month. I have a goal to consolidate all of the separate versions of me that I created over the years into one presence that represents me as a whole person whether in person or online.

This month, I finished combining my personal and portfolio websites into one site, desimslaughter.com. This site is my home base on the Internet — the place where you can find everything about me and what I’ve accomplished over the years. As I continue to update it, I will add all of my work there and use my social media profiles to highlight selected work.

In addition, after many years of trying to figure it out, I also updated my blog website (this site). Instead of being a hybrid of my main website and personal blog, I have reorganized many things to only host my blog content. Here, you can take a look into my world through my posts about notable experiences in my life and my interests. Learn more about my blog by reading, “The Story Behind My Blog” or by exploring — I hope you come back here often!


Cirkul Water Bottle

Although I don’t spend a lot of time on TikTok, I did find my new fave there, the Cirkul Water Bottle. I’ve been practicing a water-drinking habit for a while now and this has really helped me cut back. I love that you can dial the flavor number from 0 to 10, giving you control over the amount that infuses your water as you drink it.

I also got one for my 10-year-old nephew as a Christmas gift and he loves it too! When we opened it, I made him start at zero and work through all the numbers to see where he’d like it best. I was sure he would prefer it dialed all the way up to somewhere between seven and ten, but, to my surprise, he preferred it at four when we tried it together.


Mango Popping Boba Tea from Koala Tea & Bakery

My favorite treat to myself this month was definitely the Popping Boba Mango Tea from Koala Tea & Bakery. This is my favorite spot for boba tea in the Greater Lansing area. Before I found this spot, my favorite shop used to be Bubble Island. I came across it when I lived in the apartments just next door.

On my first visit, I met the owner while he was working the counter, and he recommended that I try the Popping Boba Mango Tea since I’d told him I preferred fruit teas. It is a mango green tea with strawberry popping boba included. Although I have tried many of the fruit tea combinations, the popping boba mango tea became my favorite; tried and true. When I get it, I love to add coconut jellies or crystal boba, or both if I’m feeling fancy.

This time, I got two, one with coconut jellies added and one regular because I was introducing a friend to boba. It would’ve been her first time but things changed and I ended up having both to myself. Even though my friend didn’t get the chance to try it, I can’t complain about having two teas all for myself; I love boba! The best part was that after buying those two, I also finished my punch card to get a free tea on my next visit!


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