I Am A Co-Host for the Lansing Marketing Hackers Group

Apr 3, 2023 | Career

I'm now a co-host of Lansing Marketing Hackers Group. Learn more about how I joined and plan to grow and learn from this opportunity.
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Joining a community that shares your interests and supports your professional objectives can be a highly fulfilling experience. For me, that community is the Lansing Marketing Hackers Group. Initially, I joined as a member seeking connections and knowledge-sharing opportunities in the realm of marketing. Little did I know, my journey with the group was about to take an exciting turn.

My History with the Lansing Marketing Hackers Group

About the Group

The Lansing Marketing Hackers Group, established in 2017, serves as a collaborative hub for marketers and tech enthusiasts in Lansing, MI. With a mission to foster continuous learning and growth, the group provides a platform for professionals and business owners to stay abreast of industry trends, leverage marketing tools, and share insights for mutual advancement.

Why I Joined

As a solopreneur who is building my personal and business brands, and a creative professional deeply involved in the world of marketing, it was only natural for me to join the Lansing Marketing Hackers Group. Since the group was founded the year that I left Lansing, MI for Houston, TX, and I’d only been back in Lansing just over a year, I haven’t been a member for very long.Being a part of this group is truly inspiring and motivating for me. I knew that eventually, I would also want to have a community of my own, so I made sure to be the type of member that I would want in my own community. As a member, I remained connected through Meetup and by attending and participating in events, eagerly absorbing the wealth of knowledge shared within the community.

Becoming a Co-Host

My journey with the Lansing Marketing Hackers Group took an unexpected turn when I received an invitation from Paul J. Schmidt, the Owner/Creative Video Strategist of UnoDeuce Multimedia, to discuss a potential opportunity over coffee. Little did I know, this meeting would lead to an invitation to become a co-host of the group.During my meeting with Paul, he informed me that the Lansing Marketing Hackers Group needed a new co-host. He and his current co-host, Chad Munce, who is the Digital Sales Manager of WLNS/Nexstar Media Group, were on the lookout for someone to join their team as they were losing their third co-host, Julie Holton, who is the Principal Strategist and Owner of mConnexions. He presented the prospect of joining the hosting team as a natural fit given my skills, background, and shared interests. With enthusiasm, I accepted the offer, recognizing it as a unique opportunity to contribute to the community in a more substantial capacity.

What’s Next

As a dedicated host for MIpreneur, alongside my esteemed co-host Paul Schmidt of UnoDeuce Multimedia, I am committed to fostering a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals throughout Michigan. Our role involves meticulously planning and organizing bi-monthly events tailored to address the pertinent topics crucial to our members’ success. We collaborate closely with guest speakers to ensure seamless event execution while actively promoting our gatherings across diverse marketing channels to expand our community. Additionally, we take pride in facilitating meaningful connections and networking opportunities among attendees, moderating discussions, and gathering valuable feedback to continually enhance the MIpreneur experience. Managing logistical aspects, updating website content, and staying abreast of industry trends further encapsulate our multifaceted responsibilities in serving the MIpreneur community.

Final Thoughts

In life, opportunities often arise when we least expect them. My journey from a member to a co-host of the Lansing Marketing Hackers Group is a testament to the power of community, connection, and seizing opportunities as they present themselves. I look forward to this new chapter filled with growth, learning, and meaningful connections within Lansing.As I embark on this new role as a co-host, I am filled with excitement and anticipation. Together with my fellow hosts, our primary aim is to increase event attendance and community engagement. Armed with fresh ideas and a passion for fostering collaboration, I am eager to see the Lansing Marketing Hackers Group thrive under our collective guidance.

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