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Jan 10, 2024 | Career, Personal, Updates

I recently created a publication on Medium called "Brand. Tech. Life." Learn more about why I created it and what you can expect as a reader.
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I have recently started a publication on Medium called “Brand. Tech. Life.” In this publication, I share articles related to Personal Branding, Technology, and Work-Life Balance. I blend my four great passions – developing people, creativity, strategy, and digital technology – into a kick-ass alchemy to help solopreneurs and professionals connect the dots between personal branding and digital technology. My ultimate goal is to help them take ownership of their identity and make a living by being their authentic selves.

Why Medium?

One platform that I have been trying to figure out a strategy for is Medium.

Medium is a social publishing platform that allows anyone to write and publish articles, ideas, and perspectives on a wide range of topics. Medium was created by two of Twitter’s co-founders, and initially only allowed invitees, but now anyone can write for the site.

One of the advantages of publishing articles on Medium is that the platform automatically promotes your content to your followers and potential readers. However, similar to most social media platforms, Medium also uses an algorithm that can either help or hinder you based on how you utilize it.

Recently, I have been writing articles for various sources such as Brand & Press and MIpreneur. Therefore, I wanted to showcase the articles I produced on my portfolio website and other online profiles. Although I’ve been spending a lot of time restructuring my portfolio website to be the ultimate source of all my content, I have no plans to delete my other profiles. Instead, I will gradually improve each profile to feature a selection of my best work that I want to highlight in those places.

Why I Created Brand. Tech. Life.

While reviewing all of the online profiles where I displayed my work, I took the time to explore the features available on each platform. My goal was to discover new and innovative ways to utilize these features in the future. During my examination of Medium, I found out that I could publish not only original articles to my profile but I could also import posts from other sites, receive payment for my work, create an email newsletter unique to Medium, and establish my own publication on Medium.

People who know me are aware that I have a lot of creative ideas that I want to implement. One of these ideas is to create a magazine or a similar publication. I’ve been thinking about executing this plan for a while and previously explored some digital options like Flipboard, blogging, and email newsletters. However, I haven’t been able to pursue this idea yet because I’m already working on other projects such as my personal brand, my professional career, Brand & Press, and MIpreneur.

The Purpose

As a solopreneur and professional myself, I understand firsthand the difficulties involved in establishing a unique personal brand while also navigating the complexities of the digital world. In all of my pursuits, my primary objective is to assist fellow solopreneurs and professionals in achieving clarity and success in their branding endeavors.

My mission is to bridge the gap between personal branding and the rapidly evolving landscape of digital technology. With Medium, I can create a publication to share all the posts I have written on related topics for other sources. This will increase the reach of my blog posts beyond just my website or social media channels.

Why It Matters

I take pride in crafting every article I write with great attention to detail. My goal is to provide valuable insights, practical tips, and strategic frameworks that readers can act on. Whether exploring the latest technological trends reshaping industries, unraveling the nuances of personal branding strategies, or advocating for a balanced approach to work and life, I focus on creating content tailored to the reader’s journey.

The core of Brand & Press and my personal brand lies in its dedication to empowering solopreneurs and professionals. Whether you’re a novice entrepreneur seeking to establish a strong brand presence or an experienced professional looking to leverage technology for business growth, I aim to be your guide in navigating the constantly evolving landscape of digital entrepreneurship.

Final Thoughts…

I invite you to visit my publication, “Brand. Tech. Life.” on Medium, where you can read my articles. This publication is dedicated to bridging the knowledge gap for solopreneurs and professionals regarding Personal Branding, Technology, and Work-Life Balance. My goal is to offer valuable insights and perspectives on how technology transforms the way we live, work, and build brands. I put in a lot of effort to create high-quality, thought-provoking content that is informative, engaging, and enjoyable to read.

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